Walgreens Getting Started Guide

Walgreens has a reward system like CVS’s, it is an in store coupon called Register Rewards that prints after you buy select products.

Register Rewards
These are coupons that are printed using the Catalina machines that some grocery stores use. They are Walgreens specific coupons (i.e. you can’t use them anywhere else). Register rewards are actually coupons given by the Manufacturers of the products that are on special that week. For example: You buy Bounty Paper Towels and a $1 Register Reward prints – this register reward is provided by Procter and Gamble. When you turn around and use your Register Reward, Walgreens will then submit that coupon to Procter and Gamble and get reimbursed.

What makes a Register Reward print?
Register Rewards are linked to specific products each week. Sometimes you only need to buy one item, sometimes it is for buying a certain amount of products.

Can I use a Register Reward to buy the same item again?
If you go in and buy an item or items that make a RR print and then you try to use that specific RR again to buy the same items the next RR will not print. This is how Walgreens tries to “limit” the number of deals per person.

Example: You buy toothpaste and get $2 RR, you can’t buy another toothpaste and use that RR to get another RR.

Can I use a Register Reward to buy a different Register Reward item or items?
YES! You can “roll” your RR buy using them on a different Register Reward deal. As long as you are not using them on the same products (see above). If you want more of a Register Reward deal then alternate you purchase with another purchase.
Example: Buy Toothpaste, get $2 RR. Then buy Shampoo, use the $2 RR, get $3 RR. Buy another toothpaste use the $3 RR and you will get another $2 RR.

How long are Register Rewards good for?
It varies. Most are good for 3 weeks some that you get will be good for a shorter amount of time. Expiring of Register Rewards is the most difficult part of their system.

What if my Register Reward doesn't print?

Some Walgreens stores have reprogrammed their Catalina machine (the machine that prints out Register Rewards). If you buy an item and are told that using a coupon made your RR not print, you are probably in one of those stores. There is nothing in Walgreens advertisements that state you can’t use coupons. If your RR does not print, don’t bother with the store management (they can fix it but don’t like to), just leave and call 1-888-8COUPON and talk to the Catalina company and they will mail you the RR that she have received.

What order should I hand over my coupons in?

Walgreens computers are programmed to not accept coupons for an item if the coupon is over the price the of item. To help reduce problems use coupons in this order when checking out.

  • Any $/$$ (like $5 off $20 purchase)
  • Register Rewards
  • B1G1 manufacturer coupons
  • Other Manufacturer coupons
  • Then Store coupons
    I know this is backwards to use your register rewards first, but they seem to work better if used first. Because they are a manufacturer coupon the system will kick them out if you have already used a coupon from that manufacturer. If it is going to kick out a coupon you would rather it not let you use a .50¢ coupon than a $5 RR.
    Because most Walgreens coupons are really price changing codes rather than money off coupons, you want to use these last. You want the computer to think the item is full price when you use your manufacturer coupon. Then use the store coupon to reduce the price to .59¢ or whatever the coupon is for. If your store is quick to use store coupons first then keep your store coupons out of sight until after manufacturer coupons have been used. Put manufacturer coupons on top of the products to help them get scanned first.
    A Tip: If you are not a regular weekly Walgreens shopper
    When you know you are going to get a RR from a certain transaction, have another transaction ready to use it right then. This solves the problem of having to remember when they expire. Think of items you need weekly, Milk, the Sunday paper etc. to use it on.

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